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Highway Transporter 3D

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Highway Transporter 3D

Postby igames » Wed Apr 29, 2015 7:28 am ... nsporter3d

Get your vehicle ready, take a ride in Huge Trucks and Drive the cargo to its destinations while avoiding the cars. This is one of the most exciting transporter game filled with many challenges, avoid the fast racing cars on the way which may crash, drive safe. Racing on the highway is pretty common; your job is to deliver the cargo safely without damaging the goods. Transporter job looks simple but it takes lot of effort and driving skills to test. Bored with same race tracks? It’s not a car or bike racing game to race with other vehicles, you are playing a role of Highway Transporter where cargo is your responsibility and failing to deliver it within time would result in mission fail. Thus, drive slow and steady while keeping safety in mind to avoid accidents in game play. Be careful of the cars parked aside the highway track, it’s more dangerous than the racing cars.
Do you think you can manage a Huge Truck which has heavy load? Drive and test your driving skills at Highway roads, Experience the Truck Simulator Driving through various themes and environments. Choose your favorite truck; load the goods and go through various challenges throughout the game play to complete the given task within time limit. Avoid hitting other vehicles, drive safe through dangerous narrow roads and deliver the goods safely to its destination. As you earn money with every level complete by exhibiting your truck driving skills, you can unlock other trucks to perform better in the game.
* Excellent Truck Simulation Physics
* 3D Environment and Great HD Graphics
* Simple Game Play with tough missions
* Experience the Heavy Highway Truck Simulation
It’s not just delivering the cargo safely but you have to park the vehicle into the garage as well. Shift gears like a real transport truck, get your vehicle ready and make some noise on a long way drive throughout the game play.
If you DARE to Drive the Heavy Truck, just get behind the wheel and prove it!
Highway Transport 3D Game Features:
→ FREE Game with optional In-app purchase
→ Adorable Themes and Environments
→ Competitive Levels
→ Visual Race effects
→ Excellent HD Graphics and Sound
→ Dynamic Effects and Animations
→ Multiple Truck Upgrades
→ RATE & SHARE the game
→ Revolutionize Camera views
→ Challenge and share score with all your Family and Friends
→ Compatible with all Mobiles, Tabs and TV.
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