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GiveMeApps Reviews

Food Fury Android App Review


Mar 6th 2016 at 11:35pm

These days everyone is sharing everything from their favorite times out to their most intimate moments. In the midst of all the socio-political noise that clogs up our social network newsfeeds, some of us just want to see only things that we're interested in - this is where dedicated social networks come in. If you're a foodie, love sharing recipes and want other food lovers to know what you're currently indulging in, Food Fury might get your attention.


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Food Fury allows you to post "food snaps", recipes, compile grocery lists and interact with other Food Fury users. After downloading up, signing up is required. You can do it the traditional way with an email address, or using one of your existing social media account log ins. Once you are registered, you can immediately begin perusing through your newsfeed which includes uploads from other users. Most food snaps, you will see all kinds of delicious eats with information from where the picture of their food was snapped.


iPhone/iPad App Review: Food Fury | GiveMeApps


Food Fury is available for iOS and Android


Posting your own food snap is as easy as pressing the plus icon at the bottom of your newsfeed. From there, you are prompted to use the camera on your device or choose an image from your gallery. Once the picture is snapped, you can add a status update along with it. From there it gets posted onto your newsfeed. Once on your newsfeed, as expected, other users can like and comment on it.


Other stand out features include a grocery list compiler. You can add items to your grocery list and then share them with other users. Once lists are compiled, they are stored into the grocery list area. You can then go shopping and get what's needed. 


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Beyond this, you can interact with other users. You can view the profiles of other users, follow them and communicate with them. This app reminded us of a scaled down version of Pintrest dedicated toward food lovers. While the app is fairly new, it does have a decent sized starter user base, so we were able to come across a lot of content. Food Fury has potential. We'd love to see what happens at they expand.