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Kim Cam Android App Review


Feb 27th 2015 at 11:41pm

Many times we take the news too seriously and forget to make light of otherwise dire situations. We’ve spent too many years fearing what could go wrong if we sent the wrong message to our adversaries forgetting that here in the west we celebrate freedom of the press and can go haywire with parodies making fun of the people we don’t care too much for. The team at Subway Monkey Entertainment lets you take a swipe at our not-so-favorite nuisance in the northern part of the Korean peninsula with Kim Cam. With this app, you can call the shots with the seemingly fearless war-monger Kim Jong Un.

Dance Puppets

Kim Cam lets you use the power of modern technology by embedding existing videos of a Kim Jong Un lookalike to videos you create or videos which already exist on your device. Along with dark hyping background music, you get to choose from several videos of the dictator doing uncanny things. There are plenty to choose from, but four come loaded with the app. The rest are downloadable. Downloads are pretty quick. Of the ones which come stock, Gangnam Style was our favorite. Here, you get to see Kim dance the routine which made South Korean artist Psy famous.

Some of the other videos include, Throw A Punch, where the dictator actually throws a punch at a subject. Carefully filming a video and putting yourself into position can actually make it look like he is punching you. Then there is Disapproval, Happy Birthday, Fight Scene, Scare Tactics, Hock A Loggies and Walking By amongst others. We opted for Gangnam Style just because of the comedic angle. Once you choose your scene, you are then prompted to choose a video from your gallery or shoot your own. Videos are recorded using the rear camera of your device. We would like to see a front facing option in the future. Once you choose your method of video creation, you can then apply the scene to your video. It could not be any easier than that.


Kim Cam is purely for entertainment. It had to take quite a bit of time to film the green screen shots. The quality is great and crisp. As expected, all resulting videos can be saved to your device or shared on social media. There is a bit of processing time involved in rendering videos. That said, you have control over FX and can even scale videos so they run a bit faster or slower. If you are looking to get a laugh from friends, the Kim Cam might just be your ticket.