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Pindo Android App Review


Jan 30th 2016 at 01:07pm


If you're a VOIP rockstar, you're probably very aware of the battery drain and extreme data usage that comes along with it. The trade off from saving on international calls might not seem that great if you're always on the go and thus dealing with the constant switch of 3G, 4G and Wifi Signals. The people at Pindo sough to solve this problem with a new app and patent pending technology allowing people to make qualtiy calls using a number of voip providers in a cinch without the voip headaches that we're all used to.


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Using Pindo is as easy as downloading the app and entering in your VOIP credentials. While entering your credentials, you are prompted to select from a number of different VOIP providers on a drop down menu. We selected SIPGATE UK. From there, you can enter your username and password. After this, a QR code is generated which you can scan with your phone. All credentials and pertinent information is then deposited into the phone and you can begin making phone calls.


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Have a provider not listed? Not a problem! You can just enter in your provider manually and the enter in its respective credentials. After that, calling is done with a a slightly modified keypad. Calls made out show the number connected to your VOIP account while the number you're calling has "with Pindo" as a suffix to remind you that you're usign the app.


Android App Review: Pindo VOIP SIP | GiveMeApps

Pindo let's you create color coded profiles


Pindo is different from standard VOIP apps in that it allows you to connect to any SIP provider without using your data channel or the SIP protocol. It uses very little data in the way of a small data packet that is sent at the beginning of the call to forward your call to your VOIP provider, but through their server. The result is, the number associated with your VOIP provider is what shows up on the receiver's called ID. If you have a business and prefer to make VOIP calls on the go, then this is definitely what you need. Remember, the call goes through their servers first as regular mobile call. It is your VOIP info however what is displayed when the call is made.


If you are constantly on the go and have to do business, or just prefer to use VOIP but want to cut down on data usage (it wasn't that long ago that data was "free" and unlimited), save your battery and take advantage of lower mobile rates, then Pindo deserves a good look. 


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