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Whataplace Android App Review


May 9th 2016 at 09:54pm

Ever visit a new city or town, go sightseeing and enjoy yourself so much in the process of visiting so much uncovered terrain that you inadvertently forget eighty percent of the places you visited? What if you could log all of those places or better yet, search for places around you so you could find more places to get lost in? If you're still reading this, then there's an app for that now.


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Whataplace requires that your location settings are on, that's it. Once on, the app calibrates itself to your vicinity and populates a list of places around you. You can search for places in all categories. Categories are displayed via Metro styled icons (more on that later). 


Android App Review: Whataplace | GiveMeApps


Whataplace lets you search and pin places around you


While searching for places of interest around you is a welcome feature, the that's not the main feature of the app. Being able to pin places and include information on the map is. Doing so is simple. Tap and hold on the map and then tap on the "Add Place" icon on the home screen. From there, you can name the place, add it to one of the included categories and save it. All points of interest are saved in "My Places".


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This app is perfect for travelers who visit the same destination more than once. Imagine loading up Whataplace whenever you visited say Paris or Los Angeles. Went to an amazing restaurant and want to find again? Just pin it on the map. When you go back to visit, the app will display all of the places you pinned.


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If you are a frequent traveler or just want to show off all of the places you've visited, this app makes a perfect fit. You can even share everything on the social network of you choice.


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