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Forum Rules

Forum Rules

Postby givemeapps » Wed Jul 10, 2013 1:09 am

GiveMeApps Forums Terms
Everton Media, LLC. New York

Updated: July 15, 2013


Welcome! GiveMeApps Forums is a service that allows for the exchange of information for all things related to mobile applications, mobile devices, computers, service providers and developers. By accessing, using or creating an account with GiveMeApps Forums (from here on referred to as “GMA Forums”), (a) you affirm that you are over 13 years of age and (b) you agree to adhere to our Terms. If you are between the ages of thirteen (13) and eighteen (18) you must have the expressed written consent of your legal guardian to use GMA. This agreement may be modified periodically and constitutes legally binding terms and applies to your use of GMA. You are authorized to use GMA Forums (whether access or use is intended), but agree to abide by all applicable laws, rules, regulations, and these terms regardless of your Member Status† with GMA at any given time.

To keep the spirit of these forums enjoyable and informative, we require you to follow these forum rules.

1.1 Moderator Judgment

Whether made clear in these Forums terms or not, moderator judgment is what governs these forums

2.1 Personal Attacks Prohibited

Criticize ideas and statements, not the individual asserting them. Threats and negative emotional outbursts are unwarranted.

3.1 Respect Laws

Any posts promoting or requesting pirated or cracked software, the disruption of devices, spam, phishing, hacking, license breaches, law breaking, or damage to any third parties or individuals (i.e. slander or libel) will be deleted. GMA relinquishes any incurred damages due to threads or posts to the creator of those respective threads or posts.

4.1. Obscenities

Do not post any pornographic, sexually explicit, objectifying, lewd, offensive material or excessive foul language. Any of the content in our forums should be displayable in the workplace without fear of retribution.

5.1 Account Management

Forum members may only maintain one account and have a valid, current email addressed attached to it. Dual accounts and abandoned accounts may be deleted by moderators with or without notice.

6.1. Commercial Postings

Commercial postings, solicitations, spam, offers, and deals are completely prohibited. Developers and entities can open Stores (Developer Profiles), or utilize our Automated Advertising which is displayable in the forums to promote their products or causes.

7.1. Organization

We ask that all members use the search function, post in the correct forums and use clear subject lines to keep double posts, thread fluff and thread bumps to a minimum so the forums are easier to manage.

8.1. Common Sense

We ask that members refrain from using very large images and fill out their profile information so we can better service our community.

Enjoy your stay and thanks for choosing GiveMeApps Forums!

If you have any inquiries concerning our Terms, please contact Everton Media.

GiveMeApps is an Everton International Company
Everton International, LLC
1133 Broadway, Suite 706
New York, NY 10010
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