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AnyMote Android App Review


Oct 26th 2014 at 06:42pm

One by one, our devices are making it difficult for the manufacturers of traditional electronics to survive. Think about it, fifteen years ago, you probably know someone who had a Walkman, Radio, Television, Phone, Remote and Video Game system. We are far away from that era now. With just a few downloads, you can turn your mobile device into anyone of those things, and chances are, your device would do it way better. Well, if your device is IR equipped, you can toss out your now outdated Universal Remote too. Once upon a time, the Universal Remote was a god send. You could program it to control almost any television. Any Mote by Color Tiger will make you cringe when you find out that it can support almost 1 Million different devices and it goes way beyond just television.

Total Control

AnyMote’s start up screen hints at just how intense and invaluable it is. From boot up, the app displays a multitude of remote categories to choose from. The list includes everything from televisions and air conditioning systems, to  set-top boxes and DSLR camera. Just about anything that can receive an IR signal is included. Once you figure out the type of remote you need, simply tap on that category. Naturally, we pursued television remotes. After selecting this category, we were wowed with the available selection. Over 150 different manufactures were already included with dozens and in some cases hundreds of makes and models under each one.

In the case of Sony, it seemed like just about every Sony television ever made was included. For kicks, we selected the popular Bravia line and just chose a random model. After you select the make and model, the app requests that you test it out by turning off your television and the using the app to turn it on. In most cases it would work immediately. In the case that it does not, the app offers some alternative signals to test out and gives further instruction to make it work.

We are overcomplicating the process here in the review by giving you every detail; however the process is really simple. Select the Category, Manufacturer, Make, Model and then you’re done.

The Fun Never Stops

What makes AnyMote so priceless is that it isn’t just a collection of remotes. You can customize existing remotes or create entirely new ones. You can also combine remotes to create the ultimate super remote. Customization includes moving buttons anywhere you want, deleting stock buttons, adding new ones with new functions by creating macros, color coding buttons or color coding sections of remotes. We drew a pink box around the numerical keypad just to test it out. It is amazing the amount of power this app allows.


The best part of AnyMote is that it is free. We think the developer should charge for this app. The amount of features the app has is insane. Did we mention that there no ads also? For $6.99, you can upgrade to their Cloud Subscription service which allows you to backup and restore remotes, receive personalized customer support and add an unlimited amount of remotes. AnyMote is the mother of all remotes. We suggest you get this app on your Android device as soon as you can.