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Katang Android App Review


Aug 28th 2014 at 08:16am

With the large library of puzzle games available, it is hard to believe that designers have not run out of ideas. That said it is always refreshing when a game is released that is unique or takes an old idea and adds to it a new twist. Katang takes Tetris like sensibility and adds a few facilities to create an exciting fit as many objects on the board as you can game with no time limit, the only thing work against is your patience!

The Game

The objective of Katang is to fit as many colored boxes as you can on a supplied game board display. Each box has several colors. Your job is to link boxes together by common colors. Boxes can be rotated so colors can match for linkage. Most of the boxes have unique designs on them separating the colors, typically triangles which makes positioning them a task. As the boxes can be rotated, they may be moved onto the board horizontally or vertically. At times you will scratch your head as to where to place them since you may end up with colors that do not allow for proper placement. The solution to this is that white can be joined with any color. Just be sure that portion of the design that is white matches up with the other color(s) in question.

An example of this would be having a box where the bottom portion includes the color red and yellow. If the subsequent box has a white area on the top, it may be affixed to the previous box. If the top of the second box in our example had white and blue on the top, it would not work since yellow and blue would not go. Rotating the said box might provide a better match. Whether this works or not is what makes the game exciting. This is a game of pure strategy.


Not having a time limit made this game a joy to play. Having the ability to create matches based on white made it rewarding in times of panic and helped move things along adding to its addictiveness. Rarely do we get as excited with strategy games as we did with Katang. The premise is straightforward and while things look simple, make no mistake about it, you will be challenged.