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Live In Five Android App Review


May 29th 2015 at 11:23pm

If you've ever wanted to give David Letterman or Jimmy Fallon a run for their money, or wanted to be the first one to share your precious moments as they happen with the world with the number one video site in the world on your own channel, you had to first film it and then upload it. Well, to be more frank, record it, edit it, render it, upload it, manage settings and then wait for YouTube to process it. Live In Five puts you in the ultimate fronteir. Simply open the app and with a few clicks, you're streaming live video. Let's be clear. Your video is automatically uploaded to YouTube as you are filming it.

You're On In 5...4...3..2

LiveInFive requires a Google+ account. When we first downloaded the app we were a bit disappointed, but that mental model changed quickly when we thought about why this is. Everyone knows that YouTube is owned by Google and that when you sign up for YouTube nowadays, you are prompted to create a Google+ account. If you have an existing Google+ account or if your email is the same that you use to login to Google Play, then you're already 75% complete. Once the account is linked, you are then prompted to enable Live Stream. If your account isn't verified, then you will be prompted to do so via receiving an verification code through text message or voice.

And Action

Once everything is set up, you will be ready to record. As the app title implies, all activities are recorded after a five second countdown. In use your video quality will be determined by the speed of your connection. Higher Quality video was had with a Sprint 4LTE connection. The best quality videos would be done over Wi-Fi. We love the ability to pinch and zoom, switch between the front and rear cameras, adjust microphone volume and to see view counts as they happen. It is amazing the power this app allows. You literally have a television production studio in your pocket.


There are tons of live streaming apps available, but this is connected to the number one video site in the world which theoretically puts you in the largest viewing audience ever assembeled. Of course it is up to you to post quality content, but Live In Five has so many other potential applications. If you are in a situation where something needs to be recorded and uploaded without you having to go through endless menus be it a Baby Shower, Wedding or even a Law Enforcement stop, Live In Five should be the app you are looking for.