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Will Verizon offer Google Play Music All Access?


Aug 7th 2013 at 01:32am

A rumour is fast spreading in the Internet regarding Verizon services. Billboard has leaked that Verizon and Google are talking to each other in order to offer Google music all access subscriptions to Verizon customers. If this rumor is true, this will be a sought-after service for the customers as they will be able to subscribe to Google's music service by adding it as a plan feature. This will simplify the ability of the customer to access Google's music service as the monthly cost will simply come as a part of the bill along with other subscriptions such as NFL mobile.

While feature wise it is no different from subscribing it directly from Google, this will give a much wider exposure to Google's services. Since Verizon has 100 million customers, making it easier for them to subscribe to Google music is a great way for expanding Google's music services.

According to Billboard, talks are still going on and a lot of issues are yet to be sorted out. There seems to be no consensus between Verizon and Google on who is going to pay for the first free month of access that every user is eligible for. Naturally Verizon doesn't want to do it, at least not alone. The other parties, who are providing the music licenses, are also concerned whether this will hurt their revenues.

This seems to be a great arrangement for both Google and Verizon. Google gets a huge boost to their marketing platform as well as the benefit of Verizon's marketing dollars. As far as Verizon is concerned, the get to sell a legitimate music service to their customers as premium content. This will be a great competitive edge against the other carriers.

What is not clear is whether this deal is exclusive to Verizon and if Google will go ahead and have such arrangements with other carriers as well. Talks are in a very early stage and nothing is concrete and it may not even happen. But don't expect anything within the next few months. According to sources it will be at least until the new year before the service materializes.

So what would you want – subscribe from Google directly or Verizon?