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XMTV Player Android App Review


Dec 27th 2014 at 09:33pm

Sometimes what you get is not enough. Such is the case with our mobile devices. Every year manufacturers try to keep up with the pace technology and consumer demand by coming up with software that will do technophiles expect. Even when they do this, they sometimes still fall short. One area where this is especially apparent are media players. Often stock apps will not be compatible with every format or lack specific features. This is where third party developers fill in the gaps. XMTV Player is one such app which not only promises to play every format in existence, not only promises excellent live streeaming of television, but adds so many features, you would swear it’s Christmas morning once again.

Played In Full

The interface on the startup screen is so easy, your granddad can navigate it. Tabs on the top of the screen include Favorites, Files, Plugins and Settings, all of which are self-explanatory. Files will get the most usage. This tab displays every conceivable file on your device by folder or in its entirety. If you have several hundred photos for example, be prepared. Every file name will appear. Clicking on a file name will display its respective media. Each file type is notated by a specific icon. Movie files for example (MP4, VOD, etc.) have a film reel as its icon. Clicking on a movie will automatically open it in the player. The player is feature–laden. Typical play/pause icons are present along with a details tab, favorite icon and full screen icon. You can also flip the video in 90 degree increments so files can be played in any orientation. Favoriting a video puts it on your favorites list. The settings icon will give detailed file information, showing everything from a files width and height, to its bit rate, length, frame rate and even pix format.

While the purpose of the app is to play media files, an enormous amount of action takes place when you download the Play TV plug in. Once this is installed, you can watch live TV streams from what appears to be thousands of television channels globally. These channels fall into a myriad of categories. Examples include Action Zone, Matriarch TV, Kung Fu Classics, Action Cinema, Sci Fi Today, News TV, Comedy, Lifestyle, Entertainment, Feature Movie, and the list goes on and on. Each category has dozens of channels to choose from. For example, the Horror category has channels such as Vampire Empire, Zombie Underworld and Chillings amongst others.

What makes this app stand out is that unlike the many of other live stream apps we have reviewed up to this point, everything just works, and within the interface! This is a big deal. Downloading plug ins and checking channels does not require you to visit another website. All that needs to happen is you clicking on what you want to watch, the app connecting to the channel and that’s it.


XMTV Player is a great media player, but an even better streaming app. This is one of the first streaming apps we actually enjoyed using. We can see this being used under so many circumstances. If you’re out in the field, on vacation or in a place where there is no cable, nothing interesting on TV to watch, and you have at least a Wi-Fi or Data connection, you will be entertained. XMTV is worth the download and that fact that is free will leave your mouth on the floor.