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Hurt Locker Android App Review


Aug 3rd 2014 at 06:45pm by GiveMeApps

So your life is on your cell phone or device. You went out and purchased the newest supercharged device on steroids and have accumulated a plethora of contacts, taken an infinite amount of pictures and have all of your music and videos stored. There comes a time in all of our lives where for just a few seconds, we have to hand over our prized possession. Perhaps someone needs to make a phone call, or you want one of your peers to view pictures of your last vacation. Then there is the “Oh no!”. You know you have a lot of information your personal device that you don’t want onlookers to see. There is an app for that! Hurt Locker by Technatives is here for your rescue

What Is It

Hurt Locker allows you to move any data to place where it will only be accessible by password. That’s right, any data. You can move photos, videos, text messages, call log information and contact info. To use the app, you have to set up and account and password. The password will be required anytime you want to access the app.

The Hurt locker startup screen contains several icons. Photo lets you peer into all of the photos on your device. Video does the same with videos stored. SMS lets you browse through all of your individual text messages and call log information while apps lets you look through all of the apps you have installed. By simply tapping any of those icons, you can allocate the photos of your choice to the hurt locker. Once selected, they will be moved over and only be accessible by the app and password. For example, if there was a photo you didn’t want anyone to see, you could select that and move it over to the app. Once oyu log out of the app, you will no longer be able to view it on the phone itself.

The restore function will let you move the data back to the device for unrestricted access. Technatives also included a feature which might help for those who are aware of the app in the event your phone is taken and you are forced to open the app in the process. A fake hurt locker area can be opened up with a second password to fool your assailant.  Even better, you can delete data on your device instantly with a third password.

Super Charge

In app purchases allow you extra features for a subscription fee from $1.90 to $6.50 for one to six months respectively. Premium tiers get allow for hiding up to ten thousand text message plus the fake hurt locker, delete all data and ad removal. Without the in app purchase, you are left with ads, a maximum of one hundred text messages and the presence of ads. Some of the parameters in the settings menu are also only accessible via in app purchases. Backup and restore are two features which are not available in the lite version.


Hurt locker has competition in the market, but is a fair contender. It should be a hit with device warriors who keep their lives on their devices or even parents who allow their children to use their devices, but only want them to have access to certain applications and information. It is easy to use with a nicely designed interface. We highly recommend splurging for the premium version to really extend this apps usefulness.