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Instafy iPhone/iPad App Review


Nov 17th 2014 at 02:01am by GiveMeApps

We spend hours on social media sites. According to a Marketing Charts study in 2013, the average social media user spends three hours or more a day browsing through their favorite site! Since we spend so much time, it would make sense that we get a glimpse on what is generating the most buzz. This is particularly useful if you’re using your account for more than just personal use. If you’re an Instagram user, then Instafy from Kentdome LLC allows you to do just that.

Instafy It

Instafy allows you to get pertinent information about your Instagram account in a well laid out format. Logging in is as simple as connecting your existing Instagram account with Instafy so information can be shared. The app uses Instagram’s API. Once logged in your pictures are laid out the same way they are on Instagram. Accessing the main menu on the top left corner reveals other options. The Stats area will be most useful to promoters. After a calculation, information is displayed. You get your username, user ID, the number of followers, what’s trending, a lay out of your most popular pictures, and a list of all of the hashtags used on your account from the most popular to the least popular. You also get a list of the total media, total likes, average likes, total comments and average comments. If you were a nightclub promoter or recording artist for example, you’d probably want to use this information to help you better connect with fans. Remember, the data doesn’t lie.

The Cool Factor

Other menu options include the “My Stats Badge” which lets you show off your most popular Instagram photos and stats by way of placing all of the information into a 600x600 collage which you can then share on Facebook or Instagram. There are 10 badges to choose from. You can also create traditional collages using the “Collage” features. There are six collages to choose from. Everything from 4x4 to 1x4x8 are available. Finally, you can create collages just for Facebook and view a list of over 1900 tags that are currently on Instagram. This list is enormous and broken down into several categories. They include everything from “Abstract” and “Babies Tags” to “Birthday Tags” and “Skateboarding Tags”, all in alphabetical order.


If you were ever looking for way to get stats on your Instagram account without having to do tedious work of going photo by photo yourself, Instafy deserves a good look. For 99 cents, you get a strong app with an easy to use interface with no ads to speak of.