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JetMe: Your Private Jet iPhone/iPad App Review


Oct 22nd 2014 at 10:04pm by GiveMeApps

We are sharing literally everything these days. From pictures and video clips to housing and automobiles, the majority of the connected are enjoying the benefit of being able to live in the moment and alleviate themselves the cost of lugging things around. In the last year, companies like Air BnB have been under scrutiny by the powers that be but celebrated by the masses for helping to provide an alternative for those looking for temporary housing. What if you could do that with a private jet? How cool would it be to be able to book your own private jet at almost a moment’s notice, enjoy first class food and bring your friends along for the ride? Well, the folks at JetMe have an app for that.

Gonna Fly Now

The JetMe app allows literally anyone to book a jet between San Francisco and Los Angeles and vice versa with in a one to ten day time frame. Using an easy to use an intuitive interface, one can set the time they wish to take off, the number of passengers they wish to board with them and the flexibility of the time frame they wish to have the flight. If you wanted to impress your date by booking a jet sometime over the next three days and are open to any one of those three days, JetMe will take care of that for you.

It gets better. Not only can you set up time frames, but once you book your flight, you get pictures of the planes and any amenities afforded by that flight. Once you are set, you can pay. It is as simple as that. Menu options are also available to questions to the developer, their privacy policy and to edit your profile.


This is first class all the way. JetMe is extremely easy to use and takes the hassle off of asking around or browsing online. This is about as direct as it gets. What is more fascinating is that this kind of service is actually available.  Prices are generally not cheap, but we aren’t talking about Travelocity here. This is a private jet for god’s sakes. Whether you are looking to impress a date or friend, or need a flight in some of the finest aircraft available, JetMe will help you get back and forth from San Francisco to Los Angeles as smoothly as possible. Now if such services only existed here on the East Coast. Job well done.