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The HTC Android Roundup Scale 2


Oct 18th 2011 at 11:20pm by Alton Brown

Alton Brown

Alton Brown is a freelance writer who has contributed to many articles to both the Music and Mobile Tech communities the web. You can follow him on Twitter.

Hello Android lovers! For the next roundup we’ll run through a few more popular devices to hopefully help you choose the right phone for you. The Scale 2 roundup consists of devices with speeds from 1GHz-2GHz.


HTC HD2 (1GHz)



One of the most versatile devices ever to hit the scene, the HD2 runs more operating systems than any other mobile device. It ships with Windows Mobile 6.X, but with a little elbow grease it can run everything from Android to real live Linux! It even runs Windows Phone 7! I know from experience! Though I now use my HTC G2, I break out my HD2 every now and again to enjoy Android on the HUGE 4.3in screen. The HD2 is able to run newer version of Android and HTC Sense flawlessly, a great investment in mobile technology, don’t believe me? Google is you friend.


HTC Evo (1GHz)



The HTC Evo was one of the first mainstream devices with a front facing camera (though HTC manufactured front facing camera devices since 2006). The device spelled a lot of success for Sprint with its release as the flagship device of their 4G network. The device kicked up the standard for high end devices across the market. Runs Android flawlessly, should be able to handle any version you throw at it. The device also has a truck load of mods and tweaks available from aesthetic mods to mods that let you network roam for free, look into it.


HTC Incredible/Incredible S (1GHz)



These phones were some of the first to sport the all mighty 8MP camera with dual led flash and 1080p recording. The powerful base device combined with the HTC Sense camera software and powerful 8MP camera with dual LED flash actually made this the ultimate media device by the time the Incredible S came out equipped with a front facing camera.


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Though the phone was fully equipped for all your media needs, it was never very popular. I have never actually seen anyone holding one in real life, all in all an awesome device though.


HTC Rhyme (1GHz)



The first ever real, live, GIRL PHONE, the HTC Rhyme comes with an illuminating charm that can be configured to shine different colors as notification for calls, texts and other alerts. The ladies get to sport the all new Sense 3.5 3D frontend. The fact that the HTC Rhyme even runs the frontend solidifies the fact that this phone’s GPU in pretty powerful.


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A woman sporting this device is like watching a lady do 20mph in a pink Ferrari, somewhere, this whole thing just doesn’t make Sense (bad joke). I’m quite sure 95% of the women who purchase this device will not use it to its full potential, here’s to you ladies! Cheers!



MyTouch 4G (1GHz)



This device will always be a great one, the flagship device sports Qualcomms 2nd generation 1GHz processor and is one of T-Mobiles flagship phones with a front facing camera. Honestly, that means you’ll most likely get the technology at a lower price. The phone is slightly aged at this point, so you can probably find it on craigslist for about $200. If you acquire a cheap on it would be in your best interest to root the device and bring it up to speed. You can even install the Sense 3.5 frontend from the HTC Rhyme (girl phone) in which case you would have a better phone in that video calling is theoretically possible, a feature not available on the HTC Rhyme. This is a great phone for the bargain hunter.


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And there we have it! Another rendition of The Roundup, if you need my opinion on a device don’t be afraid to tweet me, I’m here to help you save money!


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