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Will Samsung Get Hung In Court By Apple?


Jul 30th 2012 at 10:21am by GiveMeApps

So what's next? Apple has been dragging Samsung through the mud with lawsuit after lawsuit over copying its iPhone and iPad design and implementing in their own products. If you remember correctly, a slew of copyright and patent suits were flung at the Korean tech giant for copying Apple's "sleek" design. By contrast Samsung asserts that Apple has unlawfully used their 3G technology. With Samsung potentially facing $2.5 Billion in losses and a ban of the sale of some of its products in the U.S. if they lose this case, many are billing this as one of the most important and significant patent trials of the new century. 

So Why Is Samsung's Feet Being Held To The Fire?

Apple's Lawyers claim that Samsung is trying to capitalize on the success of their iOS devices and that if they weren't, their products would have had a more natural evolution. Google claims the Samsung tablets resembles the iPad a bit much. Apple claims it will even go as far as using Samsung's own documents against them to prove their claim.

Samsung plans on showing documents going back to 2006 illustrating that they were working on designs that "could be seen" as resembling the then future Apple product. 

How this all turns out remains to be seen.