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Apple Guard Worm Protect Android App Review


Feb 11th 2020 at 12:46am by Queens King

The Queens King

The Queens King is a freelance tech writer and enthusiast

GiveMeApps Rating: 5 out of 5
  • Several levels of difficulty
  • Easy gameplay
  • Multiple ways to stay in the game
  • Minimal ads
  • Could use a tutorial to explain worm types

There is a saying in the business world, "Keep it simple". Sometimes games with the simplest of gameplays can keep a person engaged while still remaining challenging. Apple Guard Worm Protect Games aims to do this. With an objective so easy, anyone's grandmother or grandfather can do it, we will see if Apple Guard is really that much fun.


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The Approach

The premise of Apple Guard is fairly straightforward. There are a bunch of worms trying to devour your apple. The worms appear at different times and on different areas of the apple. Their goal is to burrow holes into the apple. Your goal is get rid of the worms so they don't do that. Sounds simple? It is. Is it that easy? Here is our take.


Apple Guard Worm Protect Games | Android | Games | GiveMeApps Apple Guard Worm Protect | GiveMeApps | Games | App Review

Apple Guard has several levels of difficulty. Obliterate worms in all


Getting Around

Worms can appear on any portion of the apple, including the visible area of the apple on screen. To check other parts of the apple, you can swipe up, down or diagonally to rotate or flip the apple. At any given time worms can be on any part of the apple. It's up to you to flip and rotate the apple to get access to worms which may not be visible. Simply tap on the worm and voila. Is it that easy? Keep reading


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The Challenge

As expected, as the game continues, more and more worms appear and it gets harder to keep the worm intact. You can just keep taping on worms so they disappear, however, it's not just about the worm but rather the type of worm.


Apple Guard Worm Protect Games | Android | App Review | Games App Review | GiveMeApps | Apple Guard Worm Protect | Games

Different worms bring penalties and rewards. Can you keep your apple intact?


Several types of worms exist - Life worms, gold worms and bomb worms. Life worms give you more of what you'd expect. There is a progress meter on the top left corner of the display. Tap these and extend your life. There also exists gold worms. These critters add to your loot. Finally, bomb worms should be avoided at all costs. One tap and it's game over meaning back to the drawing board for you.


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Apple Guard Worm Protect Games is one of those releases that is great for anyone ages 1-100. Kids will be entertained, adults training their ability to be extremely responsive. An infographic or quick test level would be welcome to inform users of the different types of worms, but figuring this out on your own makes it more challenging, and no one is going to argue a game being a bit more of a challenge. If you want a free way to have fun and don't want the hassle of an intricate game, the minimalist, retro-inspired Apple Guard Worm Protect deserves a look. Download it here.


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