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AT&T LTE New Home Phone and Internet Service


Jul 31st 2013 at 07:07pm by GiveMeApps

AT&T Mobility has now come up with a wireless powered alternative for Internet and phone connections which were previously wired. Available in select markets only, this service relies on LTE and HSPA network carriers.

AT&T hd made this offer available in Washington D.C, Virginia, Southern New Jersey, Eastern Pennsylvania, Baltimore, Eastern Pennsylvania and other locations surrounding the East Coast and plans to extend the same nationwide making this venture even bigger and better. This service is given via one power outlet, an AT&T signal and one modem which is provided for free if a two year contract is undertaken.

The new "Wireless Home Phone and Internet" provided by AT&T is available at cheap rates and offers nationwide calls which are unlimited for just $20 a month and Internet services starting out at 10 GB for $60 per month and ranging up to 30 GB for $120 per month. Customers are charged $10 per GB if they go over the stipulated data allotment. One major differentiation that AT&T has from other products in that customers can pair the service provided with their existing data plans of Mobile Share. An a minimal cost of $30 a month, Wireless Home Phone and Internet customers can connect their device to a Mobile Share plan and make unlimited nationwide calls and a minimum of 10GB of shared data

The new Wireless Home Phone and Internet has given AT&T competitive advantage leaving behind the Home Fusion Broadband product which was launched by Verizon the year before. While Verizon Home Fusion Broadband worked with only the LTE network carrier and supported only data connections and not voice calling, the service provided by AT&T supersedes that. Even with superior technology, the prices for both these services are exactly the same i.e. $60 for 10 GB, $90 for 20 GB and $120 for 30 GB which gives AT&T a much bigger advantage. The product is portable and supplies services to up ten different devices via Wi-Fi and can be easily integrated with existing wired telephones.

AT&T's new "Wireless Home Phone and Internet" is the cutting edge technology and latest in a long line of in-home wireless products. Various other service providers and wireless carriers including AT&T have been offering fem to cells to its customers which are in essence the carriers which forward voice and data traffic through wireless subscriber's wired Internet connection but AT&T took it a step further when it came out with the Wireless Home Phone and Internet connection service. The Mobility CEO of AT&T, Ralph de la Vega had hinted on the arrival of this new technology during the second quarter earning conference a few days back.

Although AT&T provides an array of services which include wired voice and internet services, this new technology of "Wireless Home Phone and Internet" is a much better advancement and gives the user a better quality of service while allowing the carrier to be portable and outside its existing wired Internet service area.