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Cheekio Jungle Adventures Android App Review


Apr 29th 2014 at 05:06am by GiveMeApps

Flappy-Mania continues with a whole host of games being released dedicated to the tap-to-navigate genre which has shaken up the video and mobile gaming industry as of late. Each release brings with it a slightly new variation which further expands the genre. How about we take a cute chimpanzee, give it many ways to get around, and add interesting new boards and levels to keep you coming back and pushing harder? Cheekio Jungle Adventures does that and then some!

Meet Cheekio

Cheekio, the cute little chimp has the opportunity to explore different worlds in much of the same way other the flappy characters have to get around. That is, get through all of a bunch obstacles. Cheekio does a little more than that. In four separate worlds, Cheekio has to get through enough obstacles to advance to the next level. Otherwise he starts all over.

The first world is the jungle. Cheekio gets through obstacles in a small plane with a propeller. With catchy retro background music and appropriate sound effects, your character has to fly through tropical rainforest trees and crocodiles. Like other flappy games, these obstacles present themselves at differing heights, so you have to keep your eyes trained on the screen and tap enough to fly high or release enough to dip low. If you make it past the twenty fifth obstacle, you end up hovering around in a jetpack in a cave! Around level sixty or so, expect to swim and snorkel through sharks and seaweed. Finally, you end up in outer space gliding around in spaceship avoiding rockets and space junk.


The clincher with Cheekio Jungle Adventure is knowing that there are other levels keeps you coming back! You just have to advance to the next stage. We managed to get a score of 28 in our pre-review, which kept us coming back to top our score. Checking on the leaderboard, we advanced quite a bit, with many players not making it far above 20. Impressed with our effort, we tried to duplicate it with limited success. This is in part because tap to navigate games are no joke! You will test the limits of your patience with games like these, and that we did.

That said, we really did enjoy the game. According to the developer, newer games based on the Cheekio theme will be released frequently. We would love to see even more levels added to Cheekio Jungle Adventure. These guys have taken an already popular concept and expanded on it in such a way that you will always want to give it another old college try.