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Christmas Jewels Android App Review


Dec 11th 2014 at 12:28am by GiveMeApps

The Holiday season is upon us and if you’re like the average American, you do your best to get into the Holiday spirit. This includes enjoying your jumbo servings of turkey,  running around mobs of people on Black Friday, putting up decoration or repurchasing your favorite albums. Even some app developers have hopped on the Xmas bandwagon and have crated apps to help you get into the Christmas Spirit. Kitmaker has an app that promises not to just put you in the Holiday spirit, but make you tingle with visions of gifts under the Christmas Tree while having fun while you’re at it

Match Mistletoes!

If you’ve ever played a few rounds of candy crush or any game which requires you to match up items, then you already have a firm grasp on the concept. However, what makes this different is the holiday theme attached to it! Combine ornaments, gifts and other holiday items in groups of three or more to help clear the board and have more items loaded for you to match to advance. Some combinations will yield incredible powers! In Christmas Jewels, you have to match items while you have time afforded to you by a time bar. In other words, you’re on the clock. If the clock runs out and you fail to fill up the points bar, it’s game over! The board will clear itself and you’ll have to start over. We made it up to level eight.

Each level brings with it several unique requirements. Latter levels require you to clear the board of iced ornaments. To match groups, you just need to move items around to match guroups of three. You cannot move an item around unless the ones you’re trying to move match a group of at least two to create the group of three. Early levels are fairly easy while subsequent levels test your patience with groups being hardy to match up. You can also upgrade to different packs (sets) by donating generous amounts of coins. Pack one comes standard. Levels have to be completed to unlock subsequent ones.


There is a lot to like about Christmas Jewels. A lot of effort was put into designing the Holiday theme and background holiday music. If you are into any matching game of any type, you will get a kick out of playing Christmas Jewels and get in the Holiday spirit while you’re at it.