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Cisco. The Mobile Revolution Is Here.


Feb 15th 2012 at 03:57am by Amit Biswas

Amit Biswas

When not spending money on gadgets, Amit Biswas is a freelance writer and a tech enthusiast. Follow him on his Instagram or Blogspot

In an interesting new study, Cisco, the networking giant, projected a massive boom of mobile devices and Internet usage. According to their data, the number of mobile Internet connected devices will exceed the population of the earth by 2016.


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Not only that the amount of mobile data usage is also expected to increase anywhere from 14 to 36-fold depending on the region. Among other interesting notes, Cisco expects to see much less offerings for unlimited data plans and a relative increase in traffic offloading to fixed networks, like WiFi. In addition, we are expected to see a massive increase in data transfer speed.


So What Does This Exactly Mean for the future?

Well for starters, people will be heavily dependent on mobile devices and mostly the Internet. While this is more than a welcome for the most, one might wonder if we are going to become obsessed with the Internet, even more so than now. The reason why I bring that up is because videos will be an absurdly large percentage of the predicted mobile data that people will choose to opt for.


Sell Apps And Keep 100% Of Your Profits!


According to Cisco, 71% of all mobile data usage will have been comprised from web videos by 2016. Generally, this would be an alarming news for a lot of people today. But given how powerful the Internet can be when it comes to freedom and knowledge, there is no other alternative. Well, the good part about it is that we will have more mobile users, more applications and even more fun using those applications. Websites such as this one can only help the end you find and enjoy more applications that entertaining and suit your needs.

Source: Cisco


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