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Gyf iPhone/iPad App Review


Dec 12th 2014 at 10:56am by GiveMeApps

When Instagram surged in popularity a few years ago with its eye catching filters, tag driven status updates and its own photo format specifications, we knew that it was just a matter of time before video caught on along the same lines. While existing social media platforms do allow for video uploads, none of them center around video with the same emphasis on editing and dressing up as photo platforms. The most popular one at the moment allows you to upload six second videos, and while it is successful, it still leaves a lot to be desired. Gyf aims to fill in these gaps with a platform that not only allows you to upload longer videos, but offers simple editing capabilities, filters galore and lets you bring some friends along with you on the ride!

In A Jiffy

Like all social media platforms, Gyf requires you to register. You have the option of going through Facebook or going straight away with a separate account. We normally prefer the latter, but as with platforms like Instagram, it’s probably a better idea to log in through Facebook as you could probably pick up many more followers, and of course sharing your videos will generate interest. Once you verify your account, you’re ready to begin.

The interface is sleek and easy to follow. After updating your profile information, you can begin recording videos, or “gyfs” (appropriately named after the GIF format that everyone is familiar with). You have the option of choosing existing video, or using your camera to capture video. In most instances, you’ll be doing the latter. Capturing video in Gyf is no different than any other app that requires camera use. Just record the video and you’re done and the fun then begins. Once recorded, you can do light editing with parameters such as Frame Count and Frame Delay which will speed up the video or drop some frames (which can make your video smaller in terms of data size). From there, you can add filters. Thirteen filters current exist. The ones that stood out the most to us were Vignette, Haze, Posterize, Emboss and Toon, all of which made the videos we took pop.


Gyf has a lot of potential. You can tell that a lot of work went into designing this platform. Taking video is fun, and editing them is as easy as editing photos are on some of the more popular photo filter based social networks. Add that you can follow other users, share videos through the app of via other social media channels and you have a killer combo.