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Mapping! - Ultimate GPS Logger Android App Review


May 28th 2015 at 01:39am by GiveMeApps

Ever want to show off all of the places you’ve been to?  How about your daily travels?  Many of us already do that with a slew of pictures and quotes on the social media site of our choice. Those constant pictures, status updates and check-ins can get pretty tiresome however. Mapping GPS Logger from MediaLiteApp aims to create a new and elegant way to show off your travels without the constant newsfeed clogging.

Highlight It!

Mapping is a GPS logger which not only shows off where you have went as many check in apps do, but it also logs your entire travel route! It logs them day by day and you can review your travel over one or several dates. Routes are highlighted by a black line. Deeper routes change color. We tested the app out in New York City and kept the app running for several days. The same route was covered over this period and the deep highlighting on the map represented this. As New York is laced with subway and railroads that go underground, it was a delight to see gaps in the routes when signals weren’t available. When we got back into an area with coverage, the app continued covering the route without a hitch. Additional icons on the bottom of the screen allow you to switch into different modes.  Heat Map mode and Adventure mode are some examples of this. Heat Mode shows places you have went, never went and where you went a long time ago.


Mapping is a no frills app which is entertaining to use. You can share all of your travels on various social media networks. It offers a nice alternative to the typical photo and check-in sharing that we have become accustom to on just about every social media site. If you are a travel warrior who does a lot of long distance trips, you will be able to boast about your whereabouts with a detailed map of your routes. Can you cover 510 Million square kilometers? If you use Mapping, you may be able to actually show proof.