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Star Friendly iPhone/iPad App Review


May 3rd 2022 at 01:03am by Brooklyn Midas

Brooklyn Midas

Brooklyn Midas is a freelance tech writer and enthusiast

GiveMeApps Rating: 5 out of 5
  • Pin based locator is fresh and intuitive
  • Social media feed differentiates it from the big players
  • Well populated
  • Very easy to navigate
  • Needs some bugs ironed out but the developer is working on it!

Okay, okay, you're reading this and wondering "why". Why another dating app? There are so many on the market and the area is well saturated. Well, when this is the case, it requires from nifty out of the box thinking to revamp or improve the overall experience of the venerable dating app. Star Friendly aims to take a shot at doing just that!


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Star Friendly sets it self apart from the big fish in the arena by offering an experience that is a bit like Four Square meets Facebook meets Plenty Of Fish. First and foremost, Star Friendly prides itself on its pin-based meetup based approach. Users can check in at locations and write small blurbs about thier experience there or to indicate that they are there currently. This presents the opportunity to share and discuss interests or to potentially meet up in person. 


Once you register, the map mentioned above pops up on the main screen. Depending on your location (we are in New York), you may see a few or many pins on the map. Tapping on a pin will allow you to read the blurb the user in question has left. As an example, you can pin a restaurant you just had dinner in and leave a quick review. Users in your area can view this blurb. If you were to accept a message and then communicate with that user, voila, you now have something to converse about. Furthermore, you could eventually meet at that location should everything go well. 


Browsing Star Friendly Is Straight Forward | GiveMeApps Star Friendly lets you browse by interests | GiveMeApps

Star Friendly lets your browse by interests, attributes and location


Like most dating apps, Star Friendly lets you browse its user database. You can filter by the usual suspects - eye color, hair color, weight, height, interests, ethnicity and location. You can set ranges or toggle for each attribute where applicable. You can also message, block and report users. 


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StarFriendly also has a social media component a la FaceBook. You can scroll through a newsfeed where users can post updates. Updates can be accompanied by photos. They can be liked and favorited. You can also comment under updates. Find someone you connect with, but not romantically? Perhaps you have made a connection but would like to take things slowly. The newsfeed would be a great place to keep in touch without getting too invested. 


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While the app is fairly new, it is well populated. Our test account was able to find matches in the Greater New York area and other major cities. While some my balk at the idea of "another dating app", our opinion is there can never be too many. People tend to stick to what they are comfortable with which can mean that browsing the same app over and over again will reveal the same users over and over again. Expanding your palette and casting your net wide has the potential to open up a lot of possibilities. Star Friendly with its unique approach and intuitive interface is worth checking out! Download it here.


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