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GiveMeApps Reviews

Tinfoil Android App Review


Dec 20th 2018 at 01:44am by Brooklyn Midas

Brooklyn Midas

Brooklyn Midas is a freelance tech writer and enthusiast

GiveMeApps Rating: 5 out of 5
  • Barebones - Easy to navigate
  • Does what it says with regards to blocking mic audio
  • Could use a tutorial or overview tab to get new users acquainted.

Full stop. One of the scariest things that can happen to your device is it getting hacked. It doesn't matter whether you're on a desktop, laptop or the latest mobile gadget. Clicking on the wrong link or attaching a compromised flash drive or SD card can turn gain access to your passwords, payment information, or even spy on your conversation via its microphone or camera. Malware is more complicated and resilient than its ever been! No one is 100% safe.


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Tinfoil Protects

Tinfoil for Android is another tool you can put in your Google powered device to keep you further away from the 24 hour hack-a-thon that is happening anywhere you have internet access. The app promises to block the input portals where apps can listen in on your day-to-day.


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Tinfoil purports to prevent microphone and camera access by other apps. One toggled, the app runs "over" everything else, constantly scanning your device to ensure no other app can gain unauthorized access. It should be pointed out that the app works offline as well. As you already know, once you download malware or approved apps, adware and other "innocent" programs can still run whether or not you're connected to the web.


In Testing

We sought to test this out. At this time, the app does not have a tutorial or overview (this would be nice), but navigating the app doesn't require much effort. The "Start" button toggles the scanning. Stop will stop it. We downloaded several audio recording apps and set Tinfoil up to scan. Each time we tried to record audio, we were given a prompt requesting that we disable apps that were using the microphone. Nice. In theory, based on this, an app which tries to use the microphone without your permission will fail.


Tinfoil Android App Review | GiveMeApps Tinfoil Android App Review | GiveMeApps

Tinfoil will scan for audio/video access in the background and save recordings


Tinfoil also claims to scramble speech preventing data transmission. The app does save recordings made when the app is in scan mode. 


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So is it worth it? The app isn't conspicuous. You'll know that it is running which makes the security feeling that more palpable. Tinfoil does what it claims to do, so in that sense, we would recommend this very simple, easy to use app. 


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