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Veggie Alarm Clock Android App Review


May 16th 2012 at 07:41pm by Wayne Tempel

Wayne Tempel

Wayne Tempel is a freelance writer who has contributed to many articles on the web. You can follow him on Flipboard.

We have countless ways that can be used to wake us up; most of us use an alarm clock. Now days with the advancement of technology and the ever popular app, for almost all mobile devices and even some desktop OS’s, the app has become something that we rely on. There are thousands upon thousands of apps, maybe millions, I don’t know about you, but I’ve lost count. Like the old saying goes, “there’s an app for that”.


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There is however, a new app for the iOS, that’s an alarm, it’s called, The Veggie Alarm Clock. What is the Veggie Alarm Clock? The Veggie Alarm Clock is an app for the iOS that’s available for theiPhone, iPad and the iPod Touch that is set to take the alarm clock and it’s functionalities in the iPhone to the next higher level. The alarm system is one of the kinds was developed to provide a better value to the iPhones standard alarm clock. The Veggie Alarm Clock has hit the market and the application concept has already received warm reception from users and reviewers alike.


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Veggie Alarm Clock is much more than your average alarm clock It also includes a theme based alarm clock, the theme of course is Veggie Alarm Clock, so the look and feel is entirely going to be based on what else, vegetables. The clock is made up different vegetables. The numbers, buttons/sliders or selectable element should be with different with each individual vegetable backgrounds. It also includes small animation effects for all the buttons/sliders that are clicked.


Some of the exciting features that are included in this app:


  • Awesome Games - Three unconventional awesome games to stop the alarm tone. "Shake Me" - Shake me game feature is merciless!!! You have to shake the iphone/iphone to stop the tone. "Shout Me" - Shout me game feature – As name suggests you have to shout to stop the alarm tone (this is the loudest alarm, I’ve ever heard). "Hit Me" - In the Hit Me game feature, tap the bouncing tomato to stop the alarm tone. 
  • Amazing Alarm Tones - You can set your favorite music as your alarm tone, you can choose from 10 different built-in alarm sounds (Ranging from incredibly pleasant tones to highly acoustic tones) Or you can record your own voice as alarm tone (How it would be to have your own voice waking you up!!)
  • You Can Even Post Your Wake Up Timings - Automatically posts your wake up timings to your Face book friends… (Use this feature to have fan following)
  • Stunning Themes - Personalize your clock with vegetables and 5 stunningly beautiful themes to choose from with full support for devices with Retina displays.
  • Track Your Wake Up Timings - Track your wake-up timings, this feature would really inspires you
  • Awesome Articles - Read awesome articles about time management using the “News” feature (dynamic updates every week)
  • Save That Battery - Use “Dim” feature to save the battery life, if this app is running in foreground
  • Unlimited Alarms - Set unlimited alarm/remainders with daily repeat option to make your life easier
  • Incredible Clocks - Comes with 2 incredible digital clocks and 3 cute little analog clocks
  • Runs In The Background - Can receive Alerts even when the application is running in background/closed


If you need a really cool and fun alarm app for your iOS device, I would encourage you to try the Veggie Alarm Clock. There is no app quite like it. It’s amazingly fun entertainment. Now available here in the App Mall.


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