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GiveMeApps Reviews

Basket Random Android App Review


Jan 6th 2023 at 04:17am by Brooklyn Midas May Contain Affiliate Links (What’s This?)

Brooklyn Midas

Brooklyn Midas is a freelance tech writer and enthusiast

GiveMeApps Rating: 5 out of 5
  • Completely random physics
  • Pixel-Retro graphics
  • Many different background courts
  • Upbeat music and sound effects
  • Lack of tutorial/overview

There are thousands of basketball titles on the video game market at this point. All of them generall have the same aim, which is a true to form basketball simulation, Whether graphics are cryptic or photoreal, if you've seen one, you've seen them all. That is until Basket Random came along.


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Avaiable for both iOS and Android, Basket Random is remeniscient of "freestyle" playing which was (and probably still is) prevalent on school playgrounds. As the title suggests, control is completely random. And we mean it. Presented on a two on two format, you have setup options. You can play against the CPU (one player), or select two player mode. The multiformat will let you have a friend join in on your phone or tablet.


Basket Random | Game Beginning | Games | Android | GiveMeApps Basket Random | Ragdoll Physics | Games | Basketball | Android | GiveMeApps

Basket Random has ragdoll physics making gameplay challenging!


For this overview, we went with CPU mode. Once you hit play, all of the nail biting anarchy begins. In this mode, you are the blue team, and the device is red. All there is to during game play is tap the screen. In rag-doll fashion, the players move with rigidity in just about any direction. Constant taps can bump players from your team into the other which may end up blocking shots... or it may not. You may bump into the bottom of the basket, bump into another player which may cause either your player or one on the other team to catapult upward which may inadvertently block shots from the basket. Notice a lot of the open ended words in this paragraph, "maybe", "could", "possibly", "inadvertently". Get it? Everything is completely random. 


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This may (there we go again) frustrate players. Just how can you pick up the ball and make a shot? How can you position your player to block others? How can you block shots? Well, you can't, but then you can. We see the confusion in your face. Beleive me, we were just as confused playing, but that was what made this so fun an addictive. Every game is a completely new experience. We found ourselves playing over and over again because we had to win! That is the aim of most games no?


Basket Random | Challenging Game Play | Games | Basketball | Android | GiveMeApps Basket Random | CPU Wins | Games | Basketball | Android | GiveMeApps

Basket Random features one and two player modes. Both are are tough but exciting!


The inclusion of different backgrounds with each new game is a nice touch as it will keep players engaged. There are rounds where double points are available. If you're able to make shots in that event, exepect two points per shot. It also means the CPU or other player has the same advantage though. We found that with constant tapping, we were able to make the CPU work much harder which made the game more intense.


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Overall, we'd say the developer did a nice job with this game. The retro-styled graphics added a simplicity to the game which acts as a nice cover for the mayhem which ensues once you attempt to play it. This game deserves a download! It is well executed and fun all the way! Download it here and here


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