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GiveMeApps Reviews

Find Benji Android App Review


Jul 3rd 2021 at 12:08pm by Queens King

The Queens King

The Queens King is a freelance tech writer and enthusiast

GiveMeApps Rating: 5 out of 5
  • Filters through every conceivable trait
  • Well populated with many existing users
  • Lets you locate breeders, suppliers and events
  • Social media component allows connections

If you talk to any pet lovers these days, the topic of rescue animals is bound come up. From a moral standpoint, it is rewarding to take on a pet that someone else saw reason to abandon. Find Benji for both iOS and Android makes finding both rescue cats and dogs seamless, but it doesn't stop there!


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Finding Your Pet Match

Finding Benji allows you to find the dog and cat you've always dreamed of having. There are other apps that allow you to do this (we've reviewed them), but Finding Benji stands out from its competitors in a lot of ways. Once you set up an account, the app's home screen appears with a plethora of well organized info. The main menu presents you with the following icons which lead to subsections - Rehome a pet, applications, new products, services, manage listings, favorites, edit profile, terms of service, privacy policy and contact. The layout allows the apps feature set to not overwhelm the user. 


Find Benji - Pet Rehome | Android | App Review | GiveMeApps  Find Benji - Pet Rehome | Android | App Review | GiveMeApps

Finding Benj allows for high level of detail when listing or searching

Rehome a pet will most likely get the most use. Here you can list a pet. The level of detail is impressive. You can set your location, animal type, breed (with hundreds listed), price, age, gender, size, color, age category and rescue information if applicable. Rescue info includes the rescue's name, phone number, website and link to the application. From there, you can enter care info such as whether the pet was micro-chipped, house trained, good with kids or if it socialized. You then are prompted to upload pics from your device and complete a checklist. This consists of whether you have an AKC license, a breeder's permit and whether or not you will allow an in-person inspection. There are tons of other parameters that we won't list here because there are so many! If you are someone who knows exactly what you're looking for, or want to be as clear as you want to a buyer, you will absolutely appreciate this level of specificity. 


It's All About The Markets

Find Benji doesn't stop there. You can search for and list pet products. The process to list a product or service is similar to listing a pet. In this case, you need to select the product type. These include grooming, boarding, rescue, training, supplies and breeding services. You may also list your hours of business. After this, you may then upload pictures which represent what you offer. Searching for products and services are just as easy. You can search for places within a select radius. 


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Getting Around

The home page exposes you to their blog, a slider featuring pets looking for homes, another showcasing pet supplies and popular blog entries. You also get links to their social media pages. Click on the "social" icon on their bottom menu and you get to interact with other Find Benji users.


Find Benji - Pet Rehome | Android | App Review | GiveMeApps  Find Benji - Pet Rehome | Android | App Review | GiveMeApps

You can search for events, supplies, breeders and more


We were happy to see that the app is already well populated, featuring posts from people all over the United States and abroad. As expected with most social media platforms, you may post, favorite, comment, share , post photos, report posts, filter by date and add users. For the most part, most of the posts we saw were about finding pets a new home or advertising adoption events. 


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The options at the top of the social page are a nice touch as well. You can filter by products, events, tips and rescues. Pet lovers can rejoice. Here in New York, one of the easiest ways to make friends is to connect with someone who loves pets the way you do. Find Benji allows you to discover and list dog meet-ups for example.



Finding Benji is laid out extremely well and allows for both those who want to find their pet a new loving environment and those who are looking for a new furry friend to express or search for what they want with a high level of detail. The result should yield excellent results on all sides. With its active userbase, mature intuitive interface and support for products and services which go beyond the adoption process, Finding Benji deserves a strong consideration for anyone who wants a furry companion. Download it here (Android) and here (iPhone/iPad).


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