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Ice Cream Cat iPhone/iPad App Review


Jan 14th 2024 at 10:27pm by Queens King

The Queens King

The Queens King is a freelance tech writer and enthusiast

GiveMeApps Rating: 5 out of 5
  • Cute graphics
  • Simple gameplay
  • Gets challenging quickly
  • Generous timer
  • Lots of ads

One game genre that always seems to have a new entry which gets mobile gamers excited is the match genre. These are games where you match any similar items be it objects, colors, sizes, you name it. The genre attracts users of all ages. Think about it, even outside of mobile gaming, board and card games such Connect Four and Memory are based on the same concept. EyeQGame has put out a new match game which combines three concepts that most people can't resist - kittiens, ice cream cones and colors. Will Ice Cream Cat be a hit? It can be. Let's dig in! 

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The premise of Ice Cream Cat is very straight forward. You are tasked to match like-colored kittie cuties on the ice cream cones available. Each level adds a one more cones with a heftier amount of kittens to sort. To place kitties, you have to tap on a cone with kittens already on them. In the first few levels, you may have two to three kittens all unsorted on each cone. Earlier levels have grey and white kittens, brown and light gray ones. As the levels increase, black kittens, pink ones and purple ones appear. 


App Review | Ice Cream Cat | Matching Cats | iPhone iPad | GiveMeApps  App Review | Ice Cream Cat | Matching Completed | iPhone iPad | GiveMeApps

Sort the kitties until they are completely color matched | Ice Cream Cat


Once you tap on a kitten, the kitty rises to the top of the screen waiting your input on where to place it. A game of stack, unstack and move ensues as you move kittens around to retrieve the cat with the color in question in order for your to position it. With a few rearrangements and temporay placements to get the colors you want, you'll end up with a perfect piles of matched kittens. It's that straight forward.


App Review | Ice Cream Cat | Later Levels Bring Bigger Challenges | iPhone iPad | GiveMeApps  App Review | Ice Cream Cat | Win And You Are Congratulated | iPhone iPad | GiveMeApps

Later levels bring bigger challenges | Ice Cream Cat


Challenges include a timer and as mentioned above, newer colors and more ice cream cones appearing. We were able to make it to Level 12 without issue, though with the added kittens and cones, it did require more time sorting and arranging. All in all it was fun!


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Is Ice Cream Cat for you? How could it not be? Like many match games, it is appropriate for anyone ages 4-100! One can kill plenty of time matching while smiling at the extra cuteness of the game. Cute graphics, straight forward gameplay, accessible controls and many levels. If you enjoy matching, kittens and colors, this one is worth playing. Download it here (iOS) and here (Android).


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