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GiveMeApps Promotion Terms Of Use

Promote Your Apps!

GiveMeApps provides promotional services to help your app obtain greater visibility by way of our site and social media channels through content generation and SEO methods. From video and written reviews to social media postings, all of the content distributed is authentic, created from a neutral point of view and free of SPAM. 

App Reviews

All video and written reviews are honest and done from a user's perspective. This means if merited, we may praise or be critical about an app's feature set, appearance and functionality. Reviews are created one time only. Incentives received for generating reviews will be to expedite the process and will not way sway our opinion. Video Reviews acquire traffic organically. Any detection of fake traffic being sent to one of our videos will result in it being removed immediately. 

Social Media

Our SUPER APP PROMOTION consists partly of posting app descriptions, tags and a general call to action on our Social Media channels. As with all of our promotional work, whether or not people are interested in your apps depends entirely on whether or not users are interested in what your app has to offer. 


We do not advertise any increases in downloads, traffic or conversions with our promotional efforts. We cannot control the actions of our user base. The more useful and interesting your app is, the more likely it is to get a response. We will not be held accountable for lack of user response. Be sure your app can appeal to a wide audience and satisfies a specific niche. 

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