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Piip Messenger. The First True Cross Platform Messenger


Jul 16th 2012 at 12:47am by GiveMeApps

How many messengers are there on the market? If you're older than 25, you can probabaly count the many that have become popular over the years on maybe 3 hands. How many of these messengers are truly cross platform, as in it doesn't matter how which phone you're on, or which service provider they're using? The number goes down considerably. How many are free? The number goes down more? How many let you start on your phone, and pick up on the web, allowing you to be truly independent in your ummm, chat flow? You see where we're going here right?

The First True Cross Platform Messenger

We reviewed the Android version of this app, but not surprisingly, this app is available on every major platform (how exciting for an app store like ours that carries app for every major platform huh?). These platforms include iOS, Windows Phone 7 and Blackberry (yes, even Blackberry users can jump on the bandwagon). As a former Blackberry user who swore by BBM in all of it's glory, that was one of the main reasons why I stuck to the platform for a number of years. Its messenger which didn't suck any money from my data plan, and subsequently the large numbers of users who used it made it a solid deal.

Enter Piip! This messenger can sync with all of your contacts, and let you chat away. The UI is clear, easy to understand is would be familiar to anyone who has ever used any IM client. The start screen displays three green tabs, "Chat", "Contacts" and "Settings", all of which are self explanatory. The settings tabs allows you to configure your display name, how you are alerted about your notifications (sound vs vibrate), set your block list, invite your friends to use the messenger via Text or Email, and even better to Delete Your Account? While the latter sounds elementary, think about the hoops you have to jump through to delete your account using AIM, or Yahoo?

What we loved the most about the app was its simplicity. Even a baby could use this app. It is important to note that while the app is dependent upon your phone's data plan, the app itself does not charge you for sending messages. If you have a solid data plan like myself (I used Sprint for Unlimited Data), then you can't go wrong! Even better, this is a free app that doesn't clobber you with ads! This is a win/win! A solid five stars from GiveMeApps!