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GiveMeApps Reviews

Run Away Kid Android App Review


Sep 11th 2016 at 08:59pm by Harold Everton

Harold Everton

Harold Everton, MBA MS ED is an entrepreneur and tech enthusiast who runs several websites. He is also an educator, professional recording artist and commercial actor. Follow him on Twitter.

GiveMeApps Rating: 3.5 out of 5
  • Easy to understand gameplay
  • Minimalist retro design
  • Can be a bit monotonous after a while
  • No way to continue if you die

If you're going nowhere in a hurry, then you're probably a fan of Endless Runners. These are games where you run aimlessly through obstacles but never end. Like the flappy series of games, your job is to get the highest score you can. Run Away Kid is a newcomer to the genre and we put it to the test to see if it was worth the download.


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Filled with minimalist graphics and easy to pick up game play, Run Away Kid is aptly named. Your job is to take your stick figure character and jump over the gaps with perfect timing. To make things more interesting, collecting diamonds floating in the air helps you to rack up more points and advance. Of course, since you want to achieve the highest score possible, you want to make sure that you collect as many diamonds as you can.


Android App Review: Run Away Kid | GiveMeApps Android App Review: Run Away Kid | GiveMeApps

The real challenge in Run Away Kid comes about in night time view


Endless runners aren't great games without challenges. Run Away Kid puts you in the dark occasionally, making you strain your eyes which is a good thing. The challenge becomes making it back into daylight so you can continue your endless expedition


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As expected, you can mute the background music and check the leaderboard to compare high scores. If you look at our Video Review on YouTube, you'll note some success and some monumental failures. As with most runners, you need to concentrate. When we did, we faired much better. Run Away Kid could use some more challenges and we'd like to see that implemented in the near future (i.e. other objects to collect, different levels or game modes).


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Aside from this, if you are looking for a classic Atari-esque gaming experience with some 16-Bit styled graphics with some challenges along the way, the Run Away Kid should satisfy your appetite. 


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