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Take10 Trivia iPhone/iPad App Review


Feb 15th 2021 at 11:53am by Queens King

The Queens King

The Queens King is a freelance tech writer and enthusiast

GiveMeApps Rating: 5 out of 5
  • 30,000+ questions and growing
  • Cash prize potential
  • Clock makes for more of a challenge
  • Ambiguous math questions ups the ante
  • Deep play requires sign up

If you're looking to become the go-to person of at any party or event, or just want to keep your brain super sharp during the work-home routine, trivia is a great way to keep important facts ingrained in your mind.


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There are tons of trivia games for mobile devices on the market, but many of them a small set or a group of repetitive questions and draw awkward blank stares when you or your friends try to guess the answer. Take10 Trivia for the iPhone and iPad aims to change that.


What Do You Know?

Take10 Trivia's biggest draw will be its 30,000+ questions. Yes you read that correctly. At the moment, the game has six categories ranging from General Knowledge (which will be your go-to category in situations where you don't know the knowledge-set or interests of friends), to Entertainment, Movies, Animals and a few others. While downloading and playing are both free affairs, deep play requires a sign-up.


Take10 Trivia iPhone/iPad App Review | GiveMeApps Take10 Trivia iPhone/iPad App Review | GiveMeApps

Take10 Trivia gives a signup option. Once in, you have several categories to choose from


You have the option of your email address, or via using one of your social media log-ons. Exercising this option links the social media account in question to the game for alerts and notifications.  


On Your Marks

Starting a game simply requires selecting the category of your choice. Once in, all bets are off. Each question has four answers. You must answer each question within ten seconds. Above five seconds, the clock will display as green. Five seconds and below, you will see a red display warning you that time is running out.


Take10 Trivia iPhone/iPad App Review | GiveMeApps Take10 Trivia iPhone/iPad App Review | GiveMeApps

Each question comes with a ten second window. A red display means time is running out.


If you answer the question correctly, the next question loads. If not, you get a red dialog box letting you know the game is over. Yes, you need to be sharp. This game is no-frills. Either you know your stuff, or you don't.


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The Good Stuff

What sets Take10 Trivia apart are the goodies. Each gameplay gives you a chance to win $10,000. Occassionally, the game will display some cool facts. If you sign up, there are ways to pick up where you left off so you have a chance at the big jackpot. Also, there are some cool prize giveaways to sweeten the pot. T


Take10 Trivia iPhone/iPad App Review | GiveMeApps Take10 Trivia iPhone/iPad App Review | GiveMeApps

Every player has the option to increase their chances at winning the jackpot.


he biggest incentive of course is winning the jackpot, but with such a huge set of questions, the game is entertaining even without the prizes. Some questions are laughably easy, while others will be head scratchers for sure.


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While some may balk at the sign up, when you consider the prizes at stake, it could be sign as a nice compromise. With the developer promising even more trivia questions, this game is worth checking out. It may save a gathering from lulls and keep you impressing others with your knowledge of facts! Download it for the iPhone and iPad here


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