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WhatsApp Messenger iPhone/iPad App Review


Feb 22nd 2012 at 10:41am by Amanda Amilo

Amanda Amilo

Amanda Amilio is a freelance blogger and tech enthusiast

If you are an international traveler or just take on a particularly eccentric group of friends, WhatsApp provides the solution to all of your social needs! Available for .99 cents on the iPhone and Blackberry devices, this app enables you to organize conversations, send and retrieve data, and communicate with users all over the globe.


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Upon launching the app, the main screen will ask you to enter the phone number you would like to have associated with your What’s App account. Most commonly, users will enter the number designated with the device in which that app has been downloaded on. In some cases, other users may use a Skype number or other form of SMS number they have in order to use the messenger system. The app will then verify that the digits provided are in fact working by sending a text with a confirmation code you must enter to continue. Next, the app will pick up on any contacts in your list that are also utilizing the app. Contacts are organized in app based on this, showcasing a ‘status’ under the name of each entry should the user provide one.


iPhone/iPad App Review: What's App | GiveMeApps

WhatsApp Let's You Seamlessly Communicate Between Platforms


The greatest feature of this app is that it provides completely free messaging between iPhones and Blackberry devices. This is great for two reasons. The first being that if two users have a high frequency of communication but one user does not have an unlimited messaging plan, this app enables endless amounts of messages to be sent back and forth free of charge (be sure to check your data usage plan).


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The second reason this is great is due to its international feature. If you live in the USA and have friends in Spain, you can message endlessly at no additional international cost (same rules apply as the above mentioned example). Finally, the additional fantastic feature is that users are able to send pictures, videos, and even voice notes that can either be created in app or retrieved and sent from a saved area on the device. This app is not only convenient and cost effective, but allows you to stay in touch with loved ones seamlessly around the globe!


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