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Five Big Changes Coming To The MacBook Pro This Year


Sep 1st 2021 at 06:47pm by Harold Everton

Harold Everton

Harold Everton, MBA MS ED is an entrepreneur and tech enthusiast who runs several websites. He is also an educator, professional recording artist and commercial actor. Follow him on Twitter.

In just a few short weeks, some of Apple's most long awaited products are about to finally reach the market. This includes the newest iPhones and MacBook Pros. If you're like many MacBook Pro fans, you may have waited patiently for years for Apple to "get their things together" with the MacBook line before dropping your hard earned cash. In the coming weeks, you may have a reason to smile and spend. In this piece, we are going to take a quick look at some of these changes and how they will transform the revered product line.  


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Magsafe Returns

Remember Magsafe? Apple dropped it back in 2015 in favor of USB-C charging. Starting with their 2015 12" MacBook (which has since been dropped), all MacBook Pros models featured this method of charging. While there is no question it worked just fine, this decision angered many. From broken laptops to tripping over cables, to unreliable after-market magsafe cable mods, to lower end models leaving only one port available, loyal Apple customers screamed to the most high for a return of this MacBook staple. According to multiple leaks, Magsafe will make a comeback. A modern version of the Magsafe is already present on the 2021 iMac, a magnetic charger which attaches to the back of the monitor. 


Apple Chips

The tech world had a reckoning when Apple released its Mac Mini and 13" MacBook pro with it's long awaited M1 chip. From super fast processing speeds leading to buttery smooth 4K and 8K video editing, eating tons of audio plug-ins and unheard of battery life, even diehard PC loyalists raised their eyebrows. A tease this was as only "low end" machines were blessed with this chip. Though these machines in most cases dwarfed the performance of some of their higher end pieces, their 16GB RAM and port limitations have made those dying to upgrade wait for something a bit better. 


The upcoming widely speculated M1X (some have called it the 'M2') has been reported (read: rumored) by multiple credible sources as being able to support as much as 32GB or even 64GB. It has also been said that several variants of this chip may be released. These reported four variants may consist of different RAM and core combinations. These include a 16GB/16 Core, 16GB/32 Core, 32GB/16 Core and 32GB/32 Core variations. YouTuber Luke Miani also speculated on these possible variations. If you have experienced the power of the M1 Chip, if these rumors are even partially true, expect an even more massive processing bump!

Size Matters

For as long as the MacBook line has been on the market, 13 and 15 inch models have been mainstays in their lineup. If you visited Apple stores prior to 2012, you will remember their enormous 17 inch model which had a cult following. At the time, the extra resolution and number crunching power made it worth it, but those advangtage disappeared when even their 13 inch retina models had more screen resolution than it. If you missed the size and screen resolution advantage, you may get something close to it.


You've most likely heard these rumors already, but the words is that Apple will replace their 13 and 15 inch models with 14 and 16 inch models. Not quite 17, but close enough and you can almost bet that there will be some more to cram on the screen with extended screen resolution. For those who miss having a 17 inch machine, you will be close enough. If you strongly disliked the size and weight of a 15 inch, but wanted the extra screen resolution and power of the 15 inch, the upcoming 14 inch will be a welcome addition. 


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Shine Bright 

Compared to their pre-retina counterparts, the 2013-2019 models have gotten progressively brighter. Added color temperature technolgy in later models have allowed users to adjust the display to the light ambiance in their current setting. Still yet, bright sunlight can make working on your Mac a challange. Enter Mini LED!

Debuting on their 2021 iPad Pro and considering the step by step integration of iPad and Mac technologies, one might expect that the tech will make its way to their MacBook line. What does this mean for you? Well if the implementation is the same as it is on the iPad Pro, then it would mean 1,000 nits of brightness, deep blacks a 1M to 1 contrast ratio and a much wider dynamic range of color. For photographers, video editors and illustrators, this means much of your captured images and footage will come to life in a way that it never has before. It also means that your device will be once again on the cutting edge. 


Lights, Camera, Action

One of the biggest complaints on the MacBook line has been the dreaded 720P webcam which seems to not have been upraded going back to the pre-retina days! We may finally, and I mean finally see a 1080P webcam on the next releases. Even better would be a 4K webcam, but we won't hold our breath. The chances of it appearing when the new Mac are released are higher than ever considering that it is present on their 2021 iMac.

Based on the tons of YouTube videos and online reviews, users have reported superior image quality and it being better equipped to handle poor lighting conditions. The webcam has always been dreg of their laptop line. While there are third party solutions that can do the job at minimal cost, why should a well respected (and expensive) laptop not have features.


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And The Wait Continues

Well, we promised to discuss five big changes in this article, but we'll leave you with a sixth. The return of ports to the MacBook line will be one of the most welcome changes. You can still faintly hear the grunts of photographers who had to purchase dongles and seperate card reader, corporate presenters who could no longer connect their laptop directly to a display with an HDMI cable (again requiring a dongle), or music producers who ran out of ports. 

If the rumors are correct, additional ports, better display quality, more screen resolution, slightly larger and less hevy chassis, powerful processors than can handle the most demanding of applications and an innovative charging solution will return the pro and prestige to the MacBook line. One thing for sure is that this release might restore faith to Appe fans that the company listens to and cares about its customer base. 


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