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MediDiscounts RX Coupon Android App Review


Jun 23rd 2023 at 03:39pm by GiveMeApps

GiveMeApps Rating: 5 out of 5
  • Easy to use
  • Displays nearby participating pharmacies
  • Displays pertinent information about benefits
  • None

Anyone who has ever stood in line at a pharmacy knows how nerve-wracking it can be! From standing in the line, to checking to make sure your medications are covered by your insurer, to receiving the correct prescription. if you don't have insurance, that is a whole other headache. Costs insured or not is another conversation. If there only were a way however to help you manage costs. This is where MediDiscounts Rx Coupon comes in!


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As the name implies, it's a coupon! You show it at the pharmacy and discounts will come your way! There is more behind the scenes at work which allows this magic to happen. MediDiscounts has thousands of participating pharmacies, from big chains to mom and pop stores.


MediDiscounts RX Coupon | Android | GiveMeApps | Startup Information  MediDiscounts RX Coupon | Android | GiveMeApps | The Discount Card

MediDiscounts prides themselves on giving opportunities to those who need it!


When displayed, your pharmacist will search to see if any generic medications exist for those prescribed by your physician. If one does exist, voila, a discount will ensue! While this may not seem like a big deal to some in theory, anyone who has seen the cost of name brand items will know the price differential. 


So how do you get started? MediDiscounts simply asks you to enter your information, most of which is non-sensitive to register. Once registered, a discount card pops up. When you visit your pharmacy, it is this card that you need to show in order save. It goes beyond this however. MediDiscounts has a convenient search engine built-in which allows you to search for participating pharmacies in your area.


MediDiscounts RX Coupon | Android | GiveMeApps | Locations  MediDiscounts RX Coupon | Android | GiveMeApps | Results

MediDiscounts has over 66,000 participating pharmacies!


We tested this on the Upper East Side in Manhattan. Dozens of pharmacies popped up, from CVS to smaller establishments. Nice touch! It should be noted that MediDiscounts currently touts over 66,000 pharmacies. Hard to fathom, but it's true!


Navigation is easy. As mentioned, at startup, you are presented with the coupon. The bottom menu gives three options. The second option lets you search for participating pharmacies. Simply enter the zip code and what you're looking for, and results will pop up.


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Finally, the third option allows you to look over your profile, review their detailed FAQ, contact MediDiscounts and to review information about their MediPet program which is in alpha!


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In this day and age, evey penny saved counts! MediDiscounts is a solution to a a very common issue! Start saving today! You can download MediDiscounts here


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