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Spiking Verified Social Trading iPhone/iPad App Review


Jan 8th 2017 at 10:44pm by GiveMeApps

GiveMeApps Rating: 4 out of 5
  • Social format allows for follows and messaging
  • Can set up alerts for sells and trades
  • Interface could use some aesthetic refinements
  • Relatively small user base (but growing)

For novices, the stock market can often feel like foreign territory. The terminology, methodology and suspense can make just about anyone feel overwhelmed. In an era where investors can make trades from the seat of a commuter train, any app which can help users, be they amateurs or seasoned professionals make sense of things, better organize and monitor information would be a welcome tool on their device. Spiking from Aly Pte purports itself as tool to do just that, though with a more social approach. 


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If you're familiar with Facebook, Instagram or most modern social networks, then you will immediately get into the groove with Spiking. Investors and Companies would be analogous to friends you can follow. There are four icons at the bottom of the screen for navigation. "Buy/Sell" is your newsfeed. There you can see the activity of all investors and companies, regardless of whether you follow them or not.


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Each "post" displays an action made by an investor on a company. Investors are displayed to the left, companies on the right. In the middle, you see the investor's name, their action and the date the action took place. For example, the top most post displayed "Increased 285.5K deemed shares of New Silkroutes Group Limited:BMT at $0.30". Price alerts can be set so you can be notified if share sold over a below a certain amount. By tapping on "...." next to do the date, you can set up your price alert. 


iPhone/iPad App Review: Spiking Verified Social Trading | GiveMeApps  iPhone/iPad App Review: Spiking Verified Social Trading | GiveMeApps

Spiking gives you real time information and networking facilities


By tapping on an investor, you can see all of thier activity, their portfolio and information about them. Same with companies. By tapping on a company, you can see all trades affecting the respected company. 

Other navigation buttons include "Friends". Here you can view your friends list. Like most social networks, once friends are added, you can message them, opening up networking opportunities. While it is clear that Spiking is a social app, this facility makes its use as a tool more powerful than an app that just displays information, even if it is in real time. 


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Continuing on with navigation, "Spikes" shows price alerts. Notifications shows sent friend requests, while "More" opens up settings. You can change your password, edit your profile, change your username, make your account private and even block other users. Sound familiar? Well, if you are social media savy, then it should.


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Spiking uses Facebook's color scheme. It's search function is remiscent of the social media giant adding to its familarity. You can search by investor or company. You even get suggested users to add as friends. It should be pointed out that Spiking centers around the Singapore stock exchange, but its potential will be reached once they open it up to other markets. If you are looking for a powerful networking and real time stock market information tool, then Spiking may be an app you should consider.


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