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The Bitcoin Street Journal Android App Review


Feb 13th 2021 at 03:30pm by Queens King

The Queens King

The Queens King is a freelance tech writer and enthusiast

GiveMeApps Rating: 5 out of 5
  • Contains articles from trusted sources
  • Can do conversions inside the app
  • Real live crypto trading data
  • Daily, Monthly and Annual charts
  • Can connect your crypto wallets
  • None

If you're like me, then you've probably been into cryptocurrencies since 2010 when Bitcoin hit the scene and became the topic of conversation among tech geeks around the globe in many underground web communities. Many are not like me however. When cryptos began making big news toward the end of the decade, exeprienced and novice investors alike started taking notice. At this point, even long-standing institutions are jumping on the bandwagon. When is the right time to dive in? You could spend hours researching different articles, taking courses or watching YouTube videos, but what's needed is a trusted source. The Bitcoin Street Journal for Android aims to be just that. 


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Like the world renowned newspaper of a similar name, The Bitcoin Street Journal contains everything crypto all from trusted and respected sources. Be it you desring to read articles on developments with specific cryptocurrencies, developments in the industry, or even subjects that lean more to the political such as regulation, you will find all of that within the app, but it doesn't stop there.


It's All In There

One standout feature of The Bitcoin Street Journal is its crypto price ticker which provides live updates of over 2,600 cryptocurrencies (yes you read that correctly). Like many online journals, articles take up most of the openining page. Here you get the latest news from a plethora of what the BCSJ deems as trusted sources. As expected, many of the articles address Bitcoin directly, but this is more a function of the times considering Bitcoin's recent explosion from just $3,000 last March due to the market crash to over 1000% at this time of writing.


The Bitcoin Street Journal | Crypto Price And Ranks | Android App Review | GiveMeApps  The Bitcoin Street Journal | Crypto Currency Articles | Android App Review | GiveMeApps

The Bitcoin Street Journals pulls articles from a plethora of trusted sources and has a live crypto ticker


At a quick glance of the articles on the main page of the app, some of these sources include, "Crytpo Slate", "Bitcoin Warriors", "Bitcoin Desk", "Bitcoin Daily News", "Bitcoin Telegraph", and many others. This is not unlike many other online finanance magazines which pull articles from other sources. That said, all articles are current, and there are at least two dozen entries a day, meaning there is no shortage of content. 

Despite the sources listed, Bitcoin is not the only subject. You'll find plenty of articles on other cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, XRP, Tether, PolkaDot, ZCash and thousands of others. 


It's All About The Data

Serious crypto traders are going to want to track trends and look at market analyses. Clicking on the live stock ticker, or initiating a search on specific currencies will open up charts. Here you can filter data so you can view daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual data, just as if you searched for stock data. Charts open up to monthly line-graph by default.


The Bitcoin Street Journal | Android App Review | GiveMeApps The Bitcoin Street Journal | Crypto Currency Graphs and Calculators | Ehtereum | Android App Review | GiveMeApps

Here we are tracking monthly data for Ethereum. You are also provided a calculator for conversions


For example, the Ethereum monthly chart as of February 2021 shows an upward trend from $1200 to $1800, with weekly plot points. There are separate tabs for historical data so you can assess long term trends. The calculator tab allows you to do quick conversions. If you for example, entering 10 Ethereum coins displays a US Dollar amount of $18,342.60. You can convert cryptos to any global currency. This feature is a nice touch for anyone tempted to invest in the near term. 


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You get other important information. After clicking on currencies, you can view Market Cap, Volume and Available supply information. You an also access official social media accounts for each cryptocurrency. Also displayed is crypto rank (Ehtereum is of course #2 as of this time) and even buy and sell straight from the app. There is an option to link your wallet. We didn't try this, but it is a very convenient feature.


The Bitcoin Street Journal | Connect Your Crypto Wallet | Tether USD | Android App Review | GiveMeApps

The Bitcoin Street Journal allows you to connect your wallet


Finally, the app will send you alerts and notifications if you enable it. Want to find out if a currency reached or fell below a certain threshold? You can do that too. Yes, you can seemingly do all of your crypto-related business from this app.


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While we don't provide any financial advice here at GiveMeApps, we can't imagine how this would not be the perfect time to get into crypto, or at least become knowledgable and keep up to to date with crypto trends. This is an exploding industy and long standing financial institutions are getting involved where just a few years before, there was a huge resistance to taking cryptocurrency seriously. While there are tons of trusted financial news outlets, there are few that are dedicated crypto specifically. That is changing however. That said, at this time, The Bitcoin Street Journal delivers, and it's more than just news, and more than Bitcoin. Highly recommended. Download it here


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