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TwinChat iPhone/iPad App Review


May 21st 2023 at 12:41am by Queens King May Contain Affiliate Links (What’s This?)

The Queens King

The Queens King is a freelance tech writer and enthusiast

GiveMeApps Rating: 5 out of 5
  • Unbelievable amount of likenesses
  • Developer is constantly improving the app
  • Extremely intuitive interface
  • Seemingly endless amount of use cases
  • Highly engaging
  • Occasional slow responses

At the moment, AI, especially on mobile platforms are all the rage. With the introduction of ChatGPT for example,. everyone from the tech enthusaist to young academics trying to level up by any means necessary want a piece. Just recently, newsbytes have covered the uncanny realism of AI driven song remakes of recording artists who have long since passed. What a time to be alive! TwinChat - AI Talkshow for the iOS platform is riding this wave with its own propreitary technology, and like many of the AI permutations released in the last few months, this will open your eyes even more!


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What is TwinChat? This application based on AI allows you to have your own talkshow, literally. You may be thinking "so what". This application allows you to interview celebrities and famous figures. You may be thinking "and?..". This application allows you to interview up to three of over ten thousand celebrities at any given time. We know that we now have your attention! Not only can you interview these figures, but these "celebrities" which the app calls "Twins", or AI versions of these notable stars embody the personalities, catch phrases, knoweldge and verbal mannerisms of these individuals to a tee. Depending on your point of view, this could be scary or exciting!


First off, TwinChat and most of its functionality is one hundred percent free. The most basic use-case does not require any registration. Simply enter your talk show host name and you are ready to go. When the app loads, you are presented with three tabs on its top menu. "News" gives you the option to view a tutorial, explore use-cases and allows you to get insight on the company and an overview of its technology. "AI" allows you to learn how TwinChat's AI works. "Featured" lets you view talk-shows created by you and other users. We were pleased to see tons of content already present on our first load. 


TwinChat AI - Talk Show | News Screen | iPhone/iPad | GiveMeApps  TwinChat AI Talkshow |Twin Celebrity Select Screen | iPhone / iPad | App Review | GiveMeApps

TwinChat AI has shows to view from the start plius over 10,000 twins to choose from!


The bottom menu has four options. The star icon shows you the latest shows. The menu icon displays all of the celebrity twins you've engaged with. The plus icon in the middle is where the excitement balloons. Here you can scroll through thousands of celebrities, historic figures, entertainers, athlets, politicis, scientists, cartoon characters, actors, A-list celebrities and more. When we reviewed the app listing, we were a bit indifferent to what it suggested because most developers include some form of marketing hype, but TwinChat delivers here. Without even using the app, you can tell that a lot of work was put into this. We kid you not when we say there are thousands and thousands of stars to choose. From Aretha Franklintwin to Elvis PreselyTwin, to FuturamaTwin and Jhene AikoTwin. It is an overwhelming amount. So much so that you might spend your first night just scrolling down the list to see who is included! Yes, Howard SternTwin is in there also!


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You can filter all of the twins by category. Every category has sub-categories so you can be intentional with your search. For example, the "Academics" category has Educators, Historic figures, Writers, Philosophers, Politicians, Scientists and more. The same is true of every other category. More on this later. Continuing with the bottom menu icons, there is the chat icon which houses all of your previous talk shows and finally the TwinChat icon which lets you. 


TwinChat AI TalkShow | Startup Tutorials | iPhone iPad | App Review | GiveMeApps  Twinchat AI Talk Show | Chat With Enimen | Celebrities | iPhone iPad | GiveMeApps

Twinchat AI has comprehensive tutorials. On the right, you can see our chat with EnimenTwin!


To start your own talk show, you press the plus icon and choose up to three twins. We recommend choosing one to start to ge the hang of navigating the app. Once you choose your twins, they will introduce themselves. In our first run, we choose Eminem. His intro was no less than four paragraphs with the last one stating, "So come on, don't be shy. Grab your tickets now and get ready to lose yourself in the music. Because when Slim Shady takes the state, there's no telling what's gonna happen. But one thing's for sure: it's gonna be epic". Now truth be told, the voice is one of four voices you can set in the app, so it's not Enimen's voice, but the catch phrases and verbal cadences ARE there. The developer has informed us that at some point, they will be looking to license voice-likenesses to add the realism. Seriously, despite the lack of their actual voices, we were blown away. The reason is because the intro was randomly generated. It had some of his well known speech patterns and included many facts about himself. And this was just the into! To start the actual talk show, you have to tap "Chat with EnimenTwin", or in your case, which ever twin you chose to converse with. From there, you will be taken back to the search function and will then need to press the "Chat" tab on the bottom of the screen. This tab will show how many twins you selected, from one to three. 


You're not fully ready yet however. From here, TwinChat asks you to create a topic. This topic can be literally anything, but will end up being the topic and centerpiece of your interview. During our second run, which you can se in our video, we chose Dr. DreTwin and decided to make "Sampling" our topic. Once you select your topic and press "Next", TwinChat automatically creates a polished topic title. Our title was "Exploring the art of sampling: Uncovering the secrets behind music's most innovative technique". Wow, all of that from just typing in "Sampling". After presented with the title, you press confirm and your talkshow begins! You have the option to screenrecord your show so you can share. After a brief pause, your show starts the same way a televised sydicated show would, with theme music, an announcer and applause. The host, (you) introduces the guest and then the guests introduces themselves.


Twinchat AI Talk Show | Talk Show Topic | iPhone iPad | GiveMeApps | App Review  TwinChat - AI Talkshow | Share Chats | App Review | iPhone iPad | GiveMeApps

TwinChat AI will turn your proposed topics into polished titles and intros. You can also share chats. 


After the intro fanfare, the app awaits your prompts. Using the on-screen keyboard, you can type in questions or responses and press return. From there, pressing the twinchat icon will let the AI engine process and format your inquiries into polished talk-show quips. Pressing the icon again will get the twin to respond. We found that to get the most realistic results, it was best to format our contributions the way we would in a real life conversations. Each input should lead down some path.


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In other words, keep things fresh and avoid monotony. In our conversation with Dr. DreTwin, we asked about his first piece of music gear, his first record and his thoughts on the current music industry. Each response was thoughtul, brought up things that actually happened in his career, drew from events that took place during certain periods of his life and stayed centered around our initial question and the show topic.


The whole experience was quite riveting. We found ourselves chatting with as many twins as we could, just to see what each would say while thinking of those figures and how they behaved when they were on real-life talk shows and films. We can say without a doubt that each attempt was very entertaining. While you won't believe that you are sitting next to Beyonce, you will say, "Wow, Beyonce would say this!". For us, that is what makes TwinChat shine. The enterainment value will keep you engaged from a while, but that is not all TwinChat has to offer. Straight from the app listing, TwinChat tots AI auto-moderation to keep chats positive, healthy and safe. Users can control the AI voice as mentioned and can hide user-generated directions from viewers. You currently can select from nine different languages, and as mentioned earlier, all conversations are illustrated with animated GIFs, memes and emojis.


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We rated this app a solid five stars because of the experience, wow factor and effort. While doing this overview, over the span of a week, the developer released three updates. Yes, you read that right. They are commited to improving the overall experience, fixing bugs, adding new features and have big ambitions with this technology. Even if you believe that this current iteration of AI is a fad, it is worth checking this app out. The sheer volume of characters from every possible discipline you could think of makes it worth it! You can download TwinChat AI here


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